Do you want to earn more money in your business, have more time, and create the freedom to do the things that fills you with joy?  

Do you want to overcome procrastination, manage your distractions, and increase your business revenue so you can finally live your miracle life?

Do you dream of creating abundance simultaneously in home, family, and business, instead of feeling like you’re constantly spinning too many plates?

And are you ready to unleash your inner power, and step up to be the confident, strong and respected leader that deep down you know you’re capable of being – without sacrificing your femininity?

If so, then what you DON’T need right now is yet another marketing strategy that you’ll struggle to see through.  

You don’t need a good old dose of positive thinking to kick start you into yet another project that you’ve said yes to – and you know that you’ve been saying yes far too often recently anyway. 

And you definitely don’t need to ‘just work harder’ and hope that one day, everything will magically fall into place. (Because that’s a message we’ve all been force-fed before, and by now, you and I both know that it just doesn’t work. In fact, that’s the fast track to burn out, disappointment, and mediocre results). 

What you really need is your blueprint for manifesting miracles. 

So you can attract all the leads and new clients you need, and increase your revenue. 

So you can actually IMPLEMENT the potent combination of business and mindset strategies that will get you results, instead of just thinking about them. 

And so you can finally step into the abundance that is your birthright, and create your miracle life.

Meet Nichole

I’m Nichole Wynter, The Team Solutions Consultant, and I help small business owners to create winning teams; Hiring better quality staff; Improve performance; Delegate effectively,& skyrocket their revenue so they reach more customer, make more sales & finally find time for themselves .  

With over 13 years of experience in the corporate world and 5 years of running my own business consultancy & coaching business I know a thing or two about the pressures that come hand in hand with driving results.  

Leading successful teams, driving performance, crafting strategies, managing projects, overseeing clients and, increasing the bottom line… These were all things that were my daily responsibilities, and they were also the areas in which I quickly worked out a way to thrive.  

I knew that the secret sauce in my career that was going to allow me to soar wasn’t just to simulate my male counterparts and leave my femininity at the office door. I wanted to achieve success not in spite of being a woman, but by harnessing everything that makes it sacred… 

I created strong, cohesive, and productive teams through nurturing and relationship building. 

And I consistently smashed sales targets not because I was pushy or aggressive, but because I developed laser-sharp focus, and knew how to say no with grace and poise when it came to ‘busy work’.  

But my main intention, always, has been to live my miracle life. I believe it’s our birthright, and that abundance is always within our grasp if only we have the tools to make it a reality.

In 2013, I had a new calling. 

By then, I had a husband, two children, and a mother who needed my care. I knew that working long hours and rarely being home in time for dinner was no longer an option.  

I’d created my own powerful blueprint – a mix of business strategy and deep, transformational mindset tools (because the two must ALWAYS go hand-in-hand), I achieved my coaching qualification, and that’s when my work as The Miracle Empowerment Coach began.  

This blueprint had long been my key to creating my own miracles, and it was time for me to help other business owners to do the same. .  

Business owners like Eileen, who after just two sessions with me, identified that her crippling fear of rejection was what was holding her back in business. We created strategies for overcoming that, and she doubled her income in a very short space of time, and she was soon confidently and happily approaching new prospects and converting them into customers - something she found very difficult to do before she worked with me. (She used the same strategies to jump into her local pool a few weeks later, despite being fearful of swimming – but that’s a story for a different day…)  

Business owners like Leigh-Amy, who finally stopped procrastinating and found the confidence to finally execute on several new projects that she’d been delaying. This was a huge breakthrough not just for her & her business, but for her husband and kids when they were able to spend more time together as a family.  

Business owners for whom miracles are waiting, but between business and life, have somehow lost their way and have spent too much time in survival mode when they really should be thriving.  

Business owners like you.  

My mission is to help business owners to generate the income they need in their business so that they can live their miracle life…  

A life of abundance. 

A life where you have the money, time & freedom to create positive & lasting memories with the people that matter the most to you.  

A life where you have deep and meaningful relationships.  

A life where you feel confident, accomplished and purposeful.  

A life where you feel deserving of success.  

I want to show you that this is possible … It’s your birthright and it’s very achievable for you. Regardless of the state of your business, how much procrastination you’ve done recently, how unfocused you feel, or how many issues are bubbling away under the surface in your life & business.  

And with my support, you can do it in 12 weeks or less.